To be aware of all conditions and eventual costs of a return before placing an order, we strongly recommend our customers to read carefully this specific section.


We offer to our customers the chance to return one of more items purchased if for any reason you're not satisfied with them.
The return request must be forwarded strictly within 6 days after receipt of the parcel, by sending a message to or filling the specific Return Form here to get a Return Authorization number.

We may need to ask the customer for more details about the return request in order to confirm it and give our instructions to go on.

The return shipment must be sent at the soonest possible and in any case it must reach us within the next 10 days. Huge delays of this term may result in a damage for our store and then the return could be rejected, as well as any return should be sent to us with no previous authorization.
Singolare cannot be deemed responsible for further costs charged to the customer after an unauthorized return is rejected.


Please note that is very important to not remove our logo-signed tag from products to be returned, that must remain attached to the original brand label. If a product is received with any tag/label removed or damaged, the return could be denied due to lack of proof it hasn't been used or it is the original item we sent.

Obviously all items must be returned in perfect conditions, complete of original accessories came with it (packaging, hangers, bags, covers, etc.). Missing of one of these parts of the product may result in a lower refund/credit, as we need the item to be just in the same way we sent.

Also please take care it is well folded and packaged in a proper box/bag respecting the shape of the garment.
Since the item is supposed to be unworn (except for trying of course!) we expect to receive it unscented, clean and not washed. Any further cost we should incur to restore the product to its original look/smell, due to disregard of these common sense norms, will be proved and charged to the customer.

For all these reasons we reserve the right to confirm the return and the related refund/credit depending on the state of the garments received.
In any case the customer will always receive a confirmation message about the success of the return and the following steps.


Once we reply to the request to confirm the return, the customer can choose between 3 options for his return compensation.

CHANGE: Items can be exchanged preferably with a different size or color of the same style, where available. Otherwise we can also accept changes for different styles, picked from the whole online catalog.

In this case, a swap with an item of too lower price is not allowed, so we ask to choose one of more products to reach a similar or higher value than the returned one. Then any price difference which should result will be managed with the same payment method of the original order.

We allow only one change per purchase so be sure of what you are exchanging with, since it will be final.
We will be glad to offer the shipment of the new size/item and this will be sent out as soon as the return is received, checked and confirmed.

STORE CREDIT: Customers can choose to return item(s) in change of a Store Credit. This works like a personal voucher for the value of the returned item and, once created, it is automatically calculated in the Cart page of the customer account to be redeemed in his next purchase.

The customer can verify the existence and amount of his credit at the "Store Credit" section in his Account page.
Although the Store Credit doesn't actually expire after a certain time, it is meant to be spent within the same season and the related purchase will be final.

We will issue the Store Credit and notify this to the customer as soon as the return is received, checked and confirmed.

REFUND: If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with an order, he can return the item and ask for a refund of the paid amount. This will be forwarded with the same method of the original payment in respect of the related conditions and processing time.

For orders paid by Credit Card the refunded amount will be available to customers within their next billing statement. Processing time may vary depending on the credit card company. Orders paid by Paypal or by bank transfer can be refunded only to the original account who made the payment.
Currently refunds are not available for orders paid by Cash on Delivery, in which case we can only offer a Change or Credit in compensation of the returned value.
Refunds will be issued in the same currency as the original payment. Eventual differences in the amount refunded are due to exchange rate fluctuations and Singolare cannot be deemed responsible for those.

We will issue the Refund and notify this to the customer as soon as the return is received, checked and confirmed.

Please note carefully all returns with refund request will always be at customer cost and responsibility.

Singolare reserves the right to deduct from the final refund any fees or cost the customer should not comply, as well as eventual cost we should incur to restore the product aspect as explained in the previous section.


- We offer free return from Italy when you ask for Change or Store Credit, and in any case only for products bought at less than 30% off.

- From all other european Countries, and included returns from Italy with refund request or for items bought at more than 30% off, we kindly ask the customer to take charge of cost and responsibilty of the return shipment.

- Returns from outside of Europe are at customer cost and responsibility, as well as any eventual import duties and taxes if applied and charged to us by the italian customs. For this reason we strongly recommend to write us before sending the return to agree the shipment details.

To manage easily and properly the return procedure, we will always provide via email all the needed instructions, beside the chance to use our DHL account after having specified clearly all related costs.

Currently we cannnot accept returns for perfumes and any kind of fragrances, as well as lifestyle products or other objects whose usage cannot be actually verified. Therefore please be aware that for this kind of items all orders are to be considered final.


All products bought at more than 50% off cannot be returned for refund but only for a change or store credit, with return freight at customer charge.

An exception to this clause can be requested only before the purchase, writing to to agree a special condition.

Our customer service will always keep a friendly approach to these requests to find the best solution for both parts; however we highly encourage our customers to ask for any needed information about sizing and measurements before buying products at more than 50% off, being aware of this policy.

Buying, the customer accepts all of the aforesaid Returns Policy.